Here's a few questions with a Scottish based skateboarding artist creating pieces influenced by evolving ideas of life and society.

Artist Spotlight - A few questions with Ally Smalls

Based in Scotland, Ally is a creative artist using different types of media and ideas to create pieces which are gradually getting influenced by evolving ideas of life and society


How long have you been skating for and what made you start?

I've been skating for 25 years or there abouts.





What got you interested in art to get involved and start creating your own?

I was always drawing as a kid. I was definitely influenced a lot by the comics that where about at that time. Plus i was always cutting about Glasgow . Paying visits to the kelvingrove museum.


What and or who influences you're artwork?

I guess at first i was influenced by other artists i just always loved drawing and wanted to be good at it. I really like all the classic guys like Picasso and dali. But also by people around me like friends and family. But currently i get my influence from all over the place one day it could be something i see..for example an  interesting tree or a cloud another time I'll just get an visual or a concept in my head and figure out the best way of getting out.


Are there any recurring themes in your work?

There are some reoccurring themes in my work its hard to pinpoint exactly what they are... but from looking at it there is some sort of thread binding it all together. Sometimes its the style of the work like all dots. Or i might be working out an idea and I'll produce a few pieces to fully realize it along the way.

Who is your favourite artist? famous or local

Its hard to to say who my favourite artist is. There are so many good ones out there just now. Obviously all the mural stuff around glasgow is amazing. Im pretty open when it comes to art. 


Would you or have you ever tapped into outdoor graffiti art? or is there any other type of artistry you would like to try in the future?

Sure i love graff! a lot of my mates are right into it and are amazing at it. I've dabbled in it but not loads. I'm definitely open to giving it a proper go one day but i couldn't do it the way graff guys do it. Like the pure amazing lettering and all that. I i would like to do some really big drawings in the future, I would like to try more sculpture at some point I've only ever done a bit in college but its a great way of working. As for plans for exhibiting all i can say is that i definitely will be showing my work at some point somewhere.


A lot of people don't have the patience for dot work, what keeps you focused when working on a large piece?

The dotwork for me was something that i really got into. It was also like a patience training exercise trying to teach myself to take my time. But i just really enjoyed doing it and the results are pretty satisfying.


Any advice for aspiring artists out there struggling for motivation.

I'm willing to take some advice haha. 

Just stay true to yourself and put the hours in. Also do other stuff whether its skating or riding a bike or going for a walk, i usually come up with ideas when i busy doing other things.

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