Nova Johnson

  Nova Johnson born Dennis Johnson Arkansas native raised the city of Little Rock. He has developed his concoction in the form of poetic words. Since the lost of his father at the age of 9 and mother at the age of 20. Since then this has motivated his wit in poetry and focus on improvements in a more tangible art for his listeners. While growing up with his sister (Tonya Carter) who raised him atfer the passing of their parents.  He took a attendance at Central High, Little Rock, Ark troubled with violence and rivalry. He found a way to imposed his mark amoug his peers thought his music and freestyling. This formed his friends and also a group now called the R.T.F (Rock Town's Finesse) the group is based outta Texas and Arkansas. Band members consist Mista Jippa , Roe Forster , Dark Age, 420Bastardboy and Trilla. They began their conquest of promoting all over the Unite States building a base to soon in the fall of 2009 begin lining shows with fellow artis like Juicy J, Slim Thug, Lil Wite from 36 Mafia and many others. Nova's music beagan to steam Overseas in the fall of 2013 mainy in UK, Germany , and Holland. In the meantime while dorping a few projects, in 2016 to now have been inrolled into battle rapping league called Southern Slang. Having much success in both underground music and the rap battling seen. Nova Johnson has been spending time  developing and managing his music group B.M.E (Block Messiah Entertainment) working to display more varieties of entertainment with music and Videos.


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